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Please inquire within to join the team or adopt a track as we continue to lift songs to get as many off the 100 as well suited for commercial interest as we can.  Progressive records (2018) and Sunset Publishing have both expressed interest in the 100 songs project.  Flock is band name -we have changed it annually for years.  Only the loyal follow us! 


Hear samples at www.cdbaby.com/theheroine and www.cdbaby.com/heroine2


Band: The Heroine
Album: Guilty Party

The common purpose of uniting artists and audiences through music led to the forming of The Heroine in 2009.  The sound-scapes produced by Rob Jackson, Noise Minimalist and Music Director, are shaped with interpretations and contributions from over eight international guest artists.   Rob commented, "Music is my diary. I get possessed, then I improvise."  The tracks reveal periods of inspiration, tragedy, and hints at cultural themes and challenges faced by a modern humanist coming of age.  With over 80 songs in development, only the most relevant and accessible music is presented.

Determined to strengthen the presentation and reflect a more universal message, Rob says he drafted participating artists.  The music serves to provoke feelings of pleasure and mystery.  Some of the tracks have a hypnotic and addictive aspect and may be used as a supplement to combat fatigue.  Critics are saying its unfamiliar, but uniformly abstract.  Rob replies, "music is a universal language.  Attempting to understand it is somewhat futile."  Sure it's comfortable to construct personal fictions of order in the chaos, but why pretend when you have a chance to let go and just ride the breaking wave.  This album is like an escape into the outer limits, a vacation where the only memory is a thirst of wanting more and a sense that it is real.   

Enjoy the noise!

Track listing:

1. Let it Grow (Ash Reiter lyric contributions, guitar and singing. Rob lyrics and percussion)

2. Trust in You (Angelina Gargano solo)

3. Do What You Want (Rob Solo)

4. Green As Grass (Jurgen Wendelen and Rob-percussion)

5. What We Feel (Rob Solo)

6. One Day (performed by David Douglas)

7. Empty Handed (Rob solo)

8. Thunder (Dear Indugu- Rob Lyrics)

9. Otherside (sung by Angelina Gargano)

10. Farewell (Rob Solo)

11. Wishing on a Falling Star (Jurgen Wendelen and Rob Lyrics)

12. White Indian (Rob Solo)

13. Piano Solo (Wisdom Lover Health by Rob Jackson)

14. If I Die Tomorrow Jurgen Wendelen, Lyrics Rob )

15. Native Quotes (Rob)

16. Triumphant (First recorded Piano Rob Jackson)

17. Space (For Silver Screen by Rob)

18. Little Siagon (Piano by Rob a tribute to Asia)

19. Freedom Come Jurgen Wendelen and Nancy lyrics Rob)

20. West Piano (Solo Rob)

21. The Void (Local Theatre Keyboard Solo Rob)

Tracks 22-30 include bands These Green Eyes, Pistols Will Air, Kali, Grounded, Cara Vida, Rainbow, Opposite of Faith and Steven Andrew Kacsmar.  Special thanks to these great artists!