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Poise Modeling (Poise), is a division of RipStar Entertainment 2016.  Poise is a collaborative network of flexible, exceptionally talented women and guys 16+ whom are working together to drive business and meet demands in various fields of entertainment for CA$H, exposure and professional development!  Selected models earn 50% percent of the sale of Backline Designs within 12 month terms.  


Poise is a self-driven co-op for models interested in playing a more proactive role in the work we do, having more than just ‘yes’ or ‘no’ say-so-  and capable of taking charge of some of the business side of modeling as well as following direction from clients and our Director, Rob Jackson.   


What distinguishes us from other companies, however, is that we are directly involved in the creation of events, and the direct and indirect marketing of our products and services.  Poise Models are stake-holders.  We get rewarded proportionately for the business we build. 


To apply, here’s what to do:

•     Express your interest by sending a press kit about yourself, including 3 photos (which are not required to be professionally done). One body, one face, and one action/ attitude. Include references.  bandsthatrock@gmail.com

•     Phone screen interview with Rob Jackson Call  (415)860-8161 Rob

•     Anticipate and clarify the kinds of commitments in terms of time and energy you are willing to extend as part of Poise.

•     Ask/answer questions.

•     Review terms of the POISE MODELING contract.

•     Compete in a contest to show your talents and stand out from other applicants. 

•     Get initiated into poise in a creative, safe, but fun way determined by crew based on what we know of you! 

•     Be prepared to attend at least one meeting a month and be involved in at least one event per quarter, upon advance request.  

To participate in the optional print promotional model with Backline designs pick up your favorite T-shirt at https://www.teepublic.com/user/backline  and send in some photos we can start to promote the line!