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Poise Modeling (Poise), is a division of RipStar Entertainment .  Selected models earn 50% percent of the sale of Backline Designs.  Poise Models are stake-holders.  We get rewarded proportionately for the business we build. 


To apply, here’s what to do:

•     Express your interest by sending a press kit about yourself, including 3 photos (which are not required to be professionally done). One body, one face, and one action/ attitude. Include references.  bandsthatrock@gmail.com - if under 18, include at least on guardian contact please. 

•     Schedule phone interview with Rob Jackson to review terms of the POISE MODELING contract.

•     Be prepared to attend events/ shoots on volunteer basis promoting the art you are representing as Poise Models or sponsors you locate associated with RipStar's upcoming events in CA or Austin Texas.  

  • To participate in the optional distance print promotional model with Backline designs only, pick up your favorite T-shirt at https://www.teepublic.com/user/backline  and send in some photos our way.  We have photographers in some cities.  If you reside in a city we do not have one, we may be able to help you locate one but that shoot would need to be with a volunteer photographer, or thru a college, or your own networks.