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Status 2017 EIA projects

EIA is endorsed by a number of notable academics, persons of interest, and prominent non-profits and artists globally.  Project Censor, Harvard’s Einstein Institute and politicians such as Gavin Newsom and international public speakers have all used information or received recommendations from Robert Jackson who leads the Equilibrium Institute.   He is credentialed as a certified Para Legal and holds a Masters: Special Major from SFSU. He also completed all but two classes in a Public Policy and Administration degree with a Security emphasis.  He currently serves as an Analyst in the Economic Security field. 

EIA has enjoyed many sponsors over the last 20 years. Sony, Oasis CD, Guinness beer, Zero Magazine, Comingupmag.com , Google, Charity Focus.org , many SF venues and more.   Rob and the volunteers that are working with him have served hundreds of artists and spectators to bring local art related events in the SF bay for the last 20 years.  Counting TV and radio appearances combined, an estimated 1M listeners and readers have been reached.  This year EIA seeks to reach 2M in the next 11 months thru volunteer promotions for monthly public events or participatory activities- such as concerts, direct public service actions, and paid advertising.

Overall, Rob’s work is about documenting problems and offering solutions.  He claims statistics continue to show massive declines in habitat, wildlife, declines in education and other quality of life issues like equality, while disease, war, and other social threats are on the rise which can and must be met with solutions.   Rob recently commented, “it is great to see giant increases in fans acknowledging our products”.  Goals for 2017 include licensing some songs and selling art to create even more opportunities. Rob’s new book underway, Black Cloud: The Aftermath of Human Intelligence is a combination of creative synthesis and new research results.  A work for beginners to look forward to in 2017-8 includes Daily Dose: 365 Lessons for Life.


www.ripstar.cfsites.org had 183,481 visits since 2000. This sites used for branding and recruitment. 

Site needs some additional updating, but was scrubbed once in 2016 to reorganize the online environment and update.  This update is improving communication as the hub of activity is communicated on this primary site. 

Free Education: www.specialagenttraining.cfsites.org had 43,207 since 2014 revolutionary nonfiction!  Could use sponsors to fuel a regular monthly release and a broader distribution plan. 

Research needs a methods and reader expert volunteers at PhD level and current faculty to supervise Rob’s research to complete the project.  Then Rob needs about 2-4 years to write.  Earlier grant proposals were denied for other community programs.  501C3 and reapplication for grants might work now.  A board and or team of volunteers would strengthen applications for funding or speed of delivery of the non-fiction products which will be the basis of the fiction books later.  The fiction will be basis for the screenplay, which will be sold to create a blockbuster Sci-Fi film.   

http://www.artmajeur.com/plumatorium had 16,481 visits since 2017 with 5 online galleries with posters and original art available.  This service has income potential thru the art tour program.  We have Stork club and The End Up Club to display/sell art and send live artists currently.  However we need better lighting and display cases to prevent theft to get the program further established.  We probably should also make sure the art is secured on the wall well to reduce theft.  The art Tour has a small enrollment fee covers the install and we get 25% percentage of sales for duration of term. Min. term six months or two events, whichever comes first with renewable up to two year term in CA.      

Shirts: https://www.teepublic.com/user/backline My Backline designs! The designs are prototypes and we are seeking to complete the first line, shoot with models, promote to secure product placement- them order bunk printing of ordered shirts.  This project needs a manager.  Willing to share 50% of profits, but Rob’s role is limited to creative director on this project.  There is no promotions budget or capital for this project at present. 

 Music Releases:  
Release date: 24.11.2016. 22 Tracks  by Last Of Analog. Album titled “Break”. Genres: Alternative

Break by Last Of Analog on Spotify

Last Of Analog on Apple Music

TheMusic.Today - Music album Break by Last Of Analog
Pick your favorite from this list of the more polished tracks radio ripe

  1. If we Fall (Pop-Rock)
    2. I'm waiting (Electronic-Rock)
    3. Sometimes (classic-rock)
    4. Eyes (Contemporary-Rock
    5. Take nothing (Alt. Rock)
    6. Brutality (Experimental)

This project took 2 years to bring it to delivery.  In 2017, RipStar is focused on music licensing and radio spin promotions.  A blog exists to direct volunteers on www.reverbnation.com/lastofanalog

Street Team Captain and volunteers interested in global urban centers are following the developing plan to get the music in front of the targets.  We will use the Musicians Atlas to ID targets and first level network referrals.  The aim is to start to license songs in commercial arena.  Print run, mail, and radio raids are pending.  We have a weekly spot with Mutiny Radio in SF we can refer spoke persons to with our Common Thread Collective partnership.   

Prior Music Releases:

25 tracks 2015  www.cdbaby.com/devilswife  

2015 I released Devils Wife and mailed packages to like 50 destinations commercial and college radio. Several of the artists on that project toured and were on-air spinning, but due to an accident Rob was not able to do a lot to follow up with radio stations contacted. 
30 tracks 2011  www.cdbaby.com/theheroine   (no data)
26 tracks  2013 http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/robertadamjackson (no data)
16 tracks  2014 http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/robjackson1 (no data)
Free Listening: www.reverbnation.com/devilswife   1,370 views since  late 2015 – Jan 2017.
www.reverbnation.com/liquidskies2014     (532 views 2014- Dec 2016)   and www.reverbnation.com/lastofanalog (1,523 visits in 12 months and top ten since account was built August 2016 through Dec. 2016.  )
www.soundcloud.com/lastofanalog     2,868 views since 2012 thru Dec. 2016.

Tell us how you wish to serve and propose specific program areas you want to help with and send resume to bandsthatrock@gmail.com  Thanks for joining the revolution. 

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