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Artist Statement of Robert A. Jackson, Abstract /Impressionist

     I use art to communicate about joy and point out hypocrisy and introduce solutions. In Warhol’s tradition, I’m building an artistic assembly line- selling art at affordable prices.  Artist Jackson Pollock also inspired me, as well as my many friends. I’m completing an album and a book that have been in process for two decades.  My book titled BlackCloud- the Aftermath of Human Intelligence is an epic tale of humanities disastrous thirst for power, with tips for living successfully.  Some of my best art is featured in my t-shirt line title Backline.  My record label Ripstar features collaborations with artists globally reaching over 1 million audience members to date but I need all of you to buy the album to keep things moving! https://nonchalant.bandcamp.com 


Rob Jackson- MA- Ontologist/ Artist/ Bio-ethicist/ Behavioral Scientist/ Paralegal & Analyst.