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Volunteers Wanted!

Crew promotions volunteers welcome including: event staff, photographers, models and talent.  Please RSVP at bandsthatrock@gmail.com for 2017 tour dates in CA. 


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Introducing Multimedia Artist Robert Adam Jackson-
     My artwork presents challenges and opportunities to fix identified problems and express appreciation.  We have been able to use art to gather and focus the attention of nearly a million people so far!  I decided long ago to take the position that apathy is a demand for empowerment.   Stats continue to show massive declines in habitat, wildlife, education, and equality while disease, war, and other social threats are on the rise globally in many parts of the world which can and must be reversed.  



    My purpose is to make a constructive difference within my sphere of influence. Through collective processes that deliver services, music, art, and literature, the organization I direct known as The Equilibrium Institute has tracked some victories and publishes strategic plans periodically with input from the public.  We produced events in galleries internationally and represented a long list of artists in over 40 events so far. 

     As an Artist and Director, I’ve created a range of products including fine art, educational books on social justice and environmental issues, papers on psychology, and workforce development.  I’ve published music CD’s, and intend to raise money from sales and events to hire more artists and get our solutions and products further out.  We must do more and together we can (yes this slogan was long before Clinton)!

ART : www.artmajeur.com/plumatorium (5 original galleries)
Shirts: https://www.teepublic.com/user/backline My Backline designs!
Education:  www.specialagenttraining.cfsites.org free revolutionary nonfiction!
25 tracks 2015  www.cdbaby.com/devilswife
30 tracks 2011  www.cdbaby.com/theheroine 
26 tracks  2013 http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/robertadamjackson
16 tracks  2014 http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/robjackson1
Free Listening: www.reverbnation.com/devilswife
www.reverbnation.com/liquidskies2014  and www.reverbnation.com/lastofanalog

RipStar's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theheroinesf

For a tour of my artist studio please email: bandsthatrock@gmail.com

Shawnshawn: revolutionary art since 1993
This artist has 3 distinct styles: Architectural Abstraction, Metal Mayhem and Political Pop. In Architectural Abstraction he explores city skylines and patterns emerging in strict 30, 60 and 90 degrees angles. In Metal Mayhem, he explores abstract cityscapes via all metal tools in acrylic paint. In Political Pop, he reprocesses commercials and pop films into subversive themes that underlie the truth of the world at the deepest levels. This is Art of the Real. Website: www.shawnshawn.co


M.C. Lenehan is an impressionist painter, poet, and songwriter.  He says, “In my artwork and in my life, I try to replace sorrow with joy, hate with love and war with peace.  It is my hope that my paintings will soften the heart of humanity”  M.C. Lenehan is an Ohio Native from the 1960’s era. His collectors reside San Francisco, New York, and Mexico. 

See press release for more artists being featured in ongoing art-tour!