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Shadow Puppet Studios presents

Devil’s Wife- album Underground State [project 1] V’s Liquid Skies- album Mourning Sun [project 2] : A Fight to the Finish 

Ripstar Entertainment’s vision, led by Rob Jackson (SF Bay Area),  is to unite through music.  The program started in 2004 and is still making progress.  Live events over the past decade have supported education programs and a growing line of art products and promotional services offered by Rob’s team at RipStar.  


In addition to hundreds of artists served through RipStar’s Bands that Rock live showcases, Rob has released a number of artists tracks.  Many of his own songs went on to be covered by local artists and his friends in Europe. Thousands of tracks have been purchased.   


Recent progress was made after (LA) producer George Landress took a few lines and created a track titled Sometimes (www.reverbnation.com/devilswife)  The track has something Doors fans can appreciate.  Then, Imaginate a song written in part by Rob and sung by George presented a chance to produce a fun alternative mild-grunge song.  Transit Bot’s (Sacramento, CA via Chicago, Illinois)  Electronica “Underground States”and his “I’m waiting” version produced by George were among the most celebrated on the album next to Sometimes, an audience favorite. 


Liquid Skies, Rob’s second band, is very different from Devil’s Wife which is more a diverse rock project.  Liquid Skies contains experimental work more of the classical, tribal, and space oriented healing variety.  Rob was approached by Tom and Laurie Reese (PA) and they went on to complete the first album titled Mourning Sun.  Tom Reese said, “undoubtedly this projects on the more exciting I’ve worked on in my 40 years of being in this business.”  The result is a jazzy melodic product that classical, jazz, and experimental enthusiast will really be pleasantly surprised by.   The music shot up to number two locally, but has been climbing nationally in www.reverbnation.com/liquidskies2014  .  News that spinning took place on PBS before the first album was even registered is an encouraging sign.


Rob’s creative process, vision, and meaningful content appears to be resonating with fans and fellow artists across platforms globally.  Rob said, “our message is about commonality of the human experience and universal interdependence.  Music is one tool I use to bring people together. I think that’s key to enjoying life and impacting the quality of life for the better. It’s easy to be destructive, but more of an accomplishment to solve problems through cooperation and to preserve dignity by respecting differences.  Disparity, violence, and a lack of real understanding breeds suffering.  Whereas, caring and fair resource distribution, combined with greater accountability leads to harmony and optimal developments in turn.”   


Buy music at  www.flocksf.bandcamp.com