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Rob Jackson is a multimedia artist. His collective based projects have united people from all walks.  His team’s products include songs, fine and commercial art, investigative press on social justice and environmental issues, workforce development and wellness. Together Ripstar has reached over one million people with sponsors like; Sony Soundforge, Amoeba Records, Magisto, Guinness, CharityFocus.org, Google, Eastwood Guitars, Coming Up Magazine, Music Venues and Art Galleries, Oasis CD Manufacturing, Zero Magazine, Artists Sunday and more. 



Rob’s art, music, and literature is about documenting problems and offering solutions.  He claims statistics continue to show massive declines in habitat, wildlife, declines in education and other quality of life issues like equality, while disease, war, and other social threats are on the rise in many places in the world, which he suggests must be met with sustainable nonviolent solutions that are abundant.  Rob’s new indie rock music label, Noise, sells art and music to create more opportunities for artists working with him to make a difference.


Check out songs at https://ukbloke.bandcamp.com and

Sample academic writing at www.specialagenttraining.cfsites.org       

Pick up Shirts: https://www.teepublic.com/user/backline

For more information see www.ripstar.cfsites.org

Insta: ripstarsf

About the Music Label:



Team 2021-22:

Compositional and performance support of Dan Medina (Spain); Jakub Muzyk, Mix/Master and Instrumentalist (Poland); Ɓukasz Wójcik, Vox and Guitar; Matthew Allen (AZ), Instrumentalist; John Cheetham, Poet/Executive co-Producer (England); Matthias Miller- Producer/ Instrumentalist (CA); Will Slides AKA Transit Bot, (CA), Producer/Instumentalist/Mix Master; Tom and Laurie Reese (PA), Composers/Instrumentalists; Ryan Scott Long, and Cade Burkhammer, Drums, (CA);  Eva Jackson, Vox; Tom Draper, and Chris Meeder, Guitarists;  Ash and Will Reiter  (CA); Producers; Jurgen Wendelen (Belgium) Instrumentalist/Singer,  Chrischelle Mendoza (Singer), Joe Bandy- Producer/Mix Master, Mark Pistel (CA) and Tom Fairbairn Engineer/Mix Master (Scotland) Fin Townley, Visual Artist, (UK); Cynthia Freese, Art Curator/Volunteer Art Tour Judge;

David Siegel, Instrumentalist/ Mixer; Jack Shaughnessy, Singer Songwriter; Gosia Oczko, Bass; Robert Houghton, Singer Songwriter/Producer; Steve Rapport, Mostly Rock N Roll Gallery (Pacifica) Bart Hawkins, Composer; Jess Martyn, Art Dealer; Monica Gutierrez, Executive Assistant and many more. Please see song credits at https://ukbloke.bandcamp.com