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Where Balance is a Way of Life -Art, Education and Entertainment  

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Introducing Equilibrium Institute (EI)-
"The need for change and intelligent questions and innovation are what fuels progress", said Rob Jackson- EI's Director.  EI tracks critical social and environmental statistics that show massive escalations in the decline of habitat, extinctions, poor education and other quality of life issues directly related to problems of equality, disease, and conflict. Apathy, the enemy of progress, is a demand for empowerment. 

Equilibrium Institute (EI) (www.specialagenttraining.cfsites.org) provides educational articles. EI explores nonviolent revolution to combat corruption of self and/or society. To achieve success, society needs to include good parenting, supportive social structures, proper health care and other developmental growth opportunities for the individual to reach their full potential.  Sustainable opportunities and reinforcing human equality are central ingredients for measuring and creating success on earth.  Harmony overall is a basic requirement for peace.  Understanding interdependencies and learning to share and work together for practical solutions is what EI's culture fosters.  

2020-2021 goals include;

  • Publishing and licensing new songs and selling art products to create even more opportunities and get EI's solutions more visible and further integrated in the world.
  • Books and articles are published regularly at www.specialagenttraining.cfsites.org  If you have solutions, let us know! 
  • Place fine art in homes, product sales online.
  • Support the artist development and World Tour of singer song-writer Dan Medina, poet John Cheetham, lyricist Robert Jackson and more. 
  • Past and recent accomplishments;

    EI has delivered over 90 local art related events in the SF bay.  Sponsors included; Artists Sundays, CharityFocus.org, Sony, Oasis CD, Guinness, Zero Magazine, Comingupmag.com, Google, many CA venues, Eastwood Guitars, The Musicians Atlas, Borderline Studios, Shadow Puppet Studios, Stork Club, Winters Tavern- 330 Ritch Street, Sub-Mission, countless touring and local artists and more.  Collectively the program has reached over 1 Million people to date. Our team is interdisciplinary with artists, legal experts, scientists, musicians, workers, natives and faith based leaders all contributing.