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     Since the early 2000's art tour has grown.  We attract over 2K visitors per month and sell work in every show we land.  The idea behind Art Tour is to buy art from lesser known artists and sometimes re-sell that work funneling a percentage of profits public service programs and back to artists. In some cases we give art away to people and for fundraising purposes of other groups, including Museums.  We use Art tour as a platform to introduce artists and unite audiences.   

 Here are ways you can help!

  • Buy art online or at exhibits announced .
  • Host an art party and let us install art in your home or business locations
  • Sponsor an artists project or specific series by an artist you select
  • Provide space for artists to work out of to create art for free or discounted rates
  • Help promote artists directly or indirectly with cash donations or with your own time and networks
  • Use our artists to fund-raise for your charity or 501C3 75% to non-profits!
  • Intern or send us interns 
  • Become a monthly sponsor and get art annually 
  • Offer a solo show to Rob Jackson in your gallery or museum 

New Physical Gallery is open in San Francisco! 



For more information email ripstarrob@gmail.com