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Dear Community,

Ripstar proposes that we would like to streamline how sponsorships work.  We have found that retaining our ad service generates a legitmate business cost reciept and would be a great way to support us.  Send us a jpeg image of your company 3x3 inches or less and we will reduce footprint using digital media when we run targeted ads of art products or songs being released.  We propose Sponsorships in the following structure:

Individual $25

Small Business $100

Large Business $500

Fortune 500 Company $2,000

Top 100 Company $10,000

Simply paypal us at bandsthatrock@gmail.com and send the jpeg to the same email address.  

If you would like to be a silent sponsor list that in the notes when you send payment.  We will generate and mail you a reciept if you leave an address in comments which you may use to demonstrate your business cost for supporting the community services we render. 

Donate Goods or Services

We also accept music and art related products we can review.  Ask us for a shipping address or how your services might help: ripstarrob@gmail.com  

Artists seeking sponsor support

If you are an artist seeking sponsorship we ask you first to volunteer for 50 hours before applying for a sponsorship so you can experience the culture of the organization and we can wee if it is a good match.  We currently are only accepting artists willing to collaborate and work with our existing song writers or use the visual art in our canon.  We are however seeking new art material in the FILM arena and have some preference for women and or people of color and or disabled persons, but no one is turned away if we find a mutual fit.