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Rob Jackson is a multimedia artist (poet, painter, Production Director, and scholar). Rob holds a MA Sp. Major EDU/ PSY/ Journalism degree from San Francisco State University and is a credentialed Legal Aide (Colorado State). He recently exited Walden University pending his dissertation Doctorate in Public Policy and Administration with an Emphasis in Homeland Security to complete his 100 songs goal.  His contributions span many disciplines related to optimal development and his collective based projects have united people from all walks of life globally serving hundreds of volunteers and all ages audiences.  His team’s products include fine and commercial art, investigative press on social justice and environmental issues, psychology, and workforce development- all with an emphasis on self-empowerment and the maximization of potential. Programs directed by Rob have reached over one million people with sponsors like Sony Electronics, CharityFocus.org, Google, Eastwood Guitars, Coming Up Magazine, SF Bay Area Venues, Guinness, Oasis CD Manufacturing, Artists Sundays and thousands of individuals and artists.  Rob has produced over 75 live music events in the last 20 years in northern California, which featured over 350 artists to date. 


Overall, Rob’s highly controversial and recently censored artwork and non-fiction literature is about documenting problems and offering solutions.  He claims statistics continue to show massive declines in habitat, wildlife, declines in education and other quality of life issues like equality, while disease, war, and other social threats are on the rise in many places in the world, which he suggests can and must be met with sustainable solutions.  His work has been used by politicians and by public speakers he consults globally.  Rob recently commented, “it is great to see increases in fans discovering our products”.  His company is licensing songs and selling more art to create even more opportunities for artists. Rob’s new book underway, Black Cloud: The Aftermath of Human Intelligence is a combination of creative synthesis and new research results.  A work for beginners to look forward to includes Daily Dose: 365 Lessons for Life and his series of albums known as 100 features over a dozen collaborating artists.  The artists participating range from students to well  known professionals in the music/poet community.  Rob also actively serves as an officer inside  Economic Security specializing in Workforce Development and has managed millions in contracts to date in the public service arena.


To support please buy products at https://nonchalant.bandcamp.com

Sample his writing at www.specialagenttraining.cfsites.org       

For more information see www.ripstar.cfsites.org

For visual art tours in the SF Bay Area please call (415)860-8161 or email bandsthatrock@gmail.com        references by request


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About the NorCal Music Collective team:


Recently the project benefited greatly by the production support and compositional and performance support of Dan Medina. (Spain/ Poland)  Front for Gravity and owner WetCat Records. Additional team members include; Jakub Muzyk, Muzyk Studio Jakub Muzyk., Łukasz Wójcik, Vox. Kuba Engineer and Guitar, Mathew Allen Whitebatmobil.


John Cheetham, poet and mob hit survivor extraordinaire is the most recent arrival and credited with 10 songs coming down the pipeline.  This artist added a collaborative element to the project that has further inspired Rob to direct productions that have a promising prospect of reaching even broader audiences in the near future.  The process of shaping poems into lyrics is delicate and plays well into Rob’s hand as a can-do improviser producer.


Matthias Miller- Producer/ Instrumentalist.  World known for his own music and mixing skills.  M2 Music Pub (OAK) Owner has reconstructed and complete song titled Jupiter. Miller is competent on any instrument and a master Engineer/ globally recognized mixer and composer.  Oakland, CA. 


Will Slides AKA Transit Bot, a well-known Chicago transplant DJ works at a music studio (CA) and has permitted Rob to experiment for years with his original electronic compositions.  One of the best collaborations was the track Co-produced by George Landress’s studio (Emily’s Basement, LA) and Transit Bot with Vox by Rob on a track called I’M Waiting.  William works in music studio’s and is a student living and working in Sacramento, CA. 


Tom and Laurie Reese (PA)- Rob bumped into them on the grind as working artists and found them patient with arranging and adding Flute (wind) and Bass (strings) to Rob’s music, which ultimately led to a full release as Liquid Skies first album Mourning Sun in 2014.  We re-released the track titled Freeway which Rob hopes to use in film in the future. This scene features the morning commute on a satellite habitat consisting of humans and synthetic creatures and advanced robots.  Tom and Laurie have a long list of accomplishments and regularly compose and perform music as their profession. Laurie and Tom offer a dynamic flavor that has pushed Rob to stay committed to making two versions of his next album- one fully acoustic and one more synth/electro based. 


Ryan Scott Long and Cade Burkhammer have both helped bring percussion ideas to the project in the past and will likely continue participation as drummers.  Rob is drumming, providing some lyrics, directing, singing, providing instrumentation and some composition support.  Eva Jackson, Rob’s Daughter is singing and trained at SF Girls Chorus.  Other vocalists and players; Tom Draper, Robert Morales, Chris Meeder, Ash Reiter Angelina Gargano, and more.


Background on NorCal Music Collective

Making 100 songs involves a process leading to a deeper understanding of music, working relationships, and industry dynamics.  Rob said he did it to entice community and offer opportunities to collaborate and grow towards larger common goals.  Eva, Rob’s daughter, told her dad during a critical moment a few years back- “don’t worry about whether they will accept you, do it for the love of music”.  Earlier (age four), she suggested, “your music is about winter, try making summer songs.”  Ten years later Rob’s musical voyage is arriving at a climactic moment where his lyrics are quickly relatable and his brands been labeled as world-pop, a serious indicator the sun is starting to shine.  Rob says “the tracks will reach many people…audiences will catch up and once they do, I hope they really enjoy what we are bringing and become loyal active and even demanding fans!”


Upcoming events:

Nov. 22 2020 Hey Pilgrim @ Winters Tavern Pacifica, CA 2 P.M.

Nov. 29 2020 Steve Rapport Art Gallery, Pacifica, CA (pending confirmation) 2. P.M.

Dec. 27 2020  Lost Santas @ Winters Tavern Pacifica, CA 2 P.M.