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 Album title: Break

By Last of Analog- A collective of participating members collaborating in 2016 with Rob Jackson


Sometimes 2:57 (Classic Rock)

Re-released from 2015, produced by George Landress, of Emily's Basement (LA).  Lyrics written by Rob.  This track is an audience favorite.  It is often regarded a hallmark achievement in Doors influenced style which many comment is the closest reference to Rob's work. 

The End Ft. These Green Eyes 3:02 (Alt. Rock)

Easily one of the strongest bands in RipStar's network this band toured for over a decade non-stop and had a tragic member loss recently.  The band asked Rob to release a track for them in 2016 and based on the timing Rob decided to put it on his album so they could benefit from his promotions push. 

If we fall ft. Sugar Candy Mountain - 3:28 (Pop Folk Rock)

Ash Reiter has really produced a great track with help from members of Sugar Mountain Candy.  She took Rob's lyrics and polished out the track from his roughs.  The song was put into #1 position because we think it has the best chance to get further out.  What do you think? 

Eyes Ft. Robert Morales- 2:06 (Alt. Rock)

This was a song Rob spoke about in his recent radio appearance on Diamond Dave's Common Thread Collective Mutiny Radio show.  If you listen to the Track titled Radio's you can hear Rob explain what this track is really about.  Inspired in part by his last girl-friend, it would not be fair to give her all the credit.  We traded some art for the help from Borderline Studio's in San Leandro, CA.


Hard to trust a soul 2- 3:06 (Alt. Experimental Blues-Rock)

Chris Meeder laid down some mean guitar in 2016. The tracks loose and noisy. Rob's on the drums and singing.  Fans would not let him scratch the track, but we aim to remake this one down the line.  Technically we are releasing the rough here, but we like it.  A love song- a coming of age reflection - attachment, freedom, acceptance, and wishing a former lover the best. 

Be There -3:14 (Alt. Experimental Blues-Rock)

Rob wrote this right before he broke his arm in a fall off a skateboard.  It is about being on top and then losing everything.  Then looking around to see who is still there in your life.  In Rob's case he was alone on his B-Day and having trouble even getting to water.....pain, complications with medications, it was a bad time.  When he hears this song he says it is a reminder of the need to stand by your friends- especially when they go through tough times. 

Syria - 2:09 (FILM SOUNDTRACK)

Money from this track will fund education designed to address the West Bank, Syria and Israeli conflict.  

I'm Waiting re-mix2016 ft. Transitbot - 3:30 (Electro-Dance- Rock)

This was written to compliment Will Sides AKA Transitbot's work.  Rob worked with George Landress and released it in 2015, but this version has some slight adjustments.  Rob thinks the positive message in this track was inspired by a fan.  An epic love story about a boy waiting for a girl to get her shit together- usually it is the other way around- right?  Rob boldly states, while now is not the time- maybe the future will bring them together....a farewell, but I'm waiting romeo hopes to meet Juliet sorta thing....with a few tips for young people to find and realize themselves to maximize their own potential.  

Run AKA Things I do  2:48 (Folk-Blues)

There are not to many tracks produced entirely by Rob, but this is one of them.  A signature rough for the new bluesrock sound fans seem to like.  He hoped to hire a band called Fantastic Negrito, but they said to release it as is.  They liked it.  Look for this in the next few years to be raised in production value when the right situation comes together. 

Inside Of Me - 3:02 (Folk-Blues)

This track is about hope and looking the wanna be slave masters in the face and telling them basically to fuck-off.  Bullies are everywhere in life.  No one is immune.  The track is pretty explicit about Rob feeling like he has been exploited and thrown under the bus.  Yet for years he has taken the higher road and basically claims he will settle and produce all the evidences later in life to demonstrate the wrongs he has suffered at the hands of the incompetent.  We are curious who's names are on his list.  Is there enough paper in the universe to list all the incompetent people ?  Perhaps not.  Maybe this song is a nice way to rise above and get even without going postal. 

Breathless Ft. Transit Bot - 1:43 (Electro-Experimental Dance)

Caring is a theme in Rob's work.  This tracks about ending a war and helping people out.  He was a part of Stanford's team talking to the Zapatista's in the 90's, which was a successful conversion from a militant approach to a longer- running non-violent fight. Being on the front-lines is not always pretty. The native struggle is a good lesson to study in the history of humanity. Thy shalt do no harm....a reminder that what we do to others we do unto ourselves or in native terms, what goes around comes around - life is a sacred hoop.  This track starts and ends with the same line- the circle is complete.   

Anthem Ft. Chris Meeder/ Death Lab Studios (oak) 2:37 (Death Metal)

Here are some lyrics: Stand up and fight treachery and deceit.  Overcome selfishness.....leave the poison from your creed, keep away from the darkness, bury hatred....you don't own me.  I refuse my soul for you to keep....no one sleeps tonight.....Stand-up and fight.  This song is a call to peaceful revolution.  Rob said he wanted to produce a variety of tracks because he aims to hit different demographics.  He likes metal, but never made a metal track.  The first attempt failed, this one was well accepted by the community of metal listeners.  He also wanted to do something closer to Chris Meeders style in keeping with his experience it is best for everyone to play to their strengths and passions. 

Brutality Ft. Samuel Jackson partial lyric credit- 2:47 (Experimental Blues-Soundtrack)

Samuel Jackson, the actor, put a call out on facebook asking bucket head stars to make a song about police brutality.  Rob acknowledges the issues Samuel Jackson raises really do deserve more popular artists to take up his challenge, but Rob gave a performance with his daughter that he thinks is artistic and worthy.  Samuel Jackson's people never returned Rob's call and LA stations have directed us to mail them the CD. Being a new artist in LA is like having a disease. Everyone is afraid of you at first, but they stand around and wait to see if you are infectious or not.  The dark ages of Radio is interesting to dwell in, but it's not a problem, the enlightenment is just up ahead.  Rob's daughter makes her first appearance in this track.....out of the the mouth of babes they say.  Pay attention and do something for your neighbors!  

Evil in your Eyes (Meter) ft. Chris Meeder 2:19 (Alt. Rock)

Rob said he got in his car and drove over to Borderline studios and recorded the vocal to Chris Meeders guitar and drum backing track without any rehearsals.  In fact all of his vocal work is improvised so far, although he is open to working with coaches to get better and expand his natural skill with more technical ones.  He say's since he knows nothing about theory and the technical aspects of being a musician, it just has to be felt or it does not translate at all.  He say's being an untrained artist is a curse on some levels because it makes it hard to reproduce the work in band situations and he is oblivious to how well his tracks are built from a technical point of view. However, he gets compliments from seasoned professionals that suggest the raw imperfect sound is still inspiring and far from being dismissed as naive noise.  We're talking Grammy and highly trained composers at the highest orchestral levels in the country sorta respect.  Sure maybe the industry is not really sure how to respond, but most of those guys take the cue from fans, which is where listeners become key to open the doors.  Rob says this tracks got a strong Nirvana influence..."I can't deny when I hear this I think Kurt was trying to finish something he started." 

A-list I want You- 2:23 (Experimental Folk Rock)

A love song that shares an instinctual and highly emotional vibration that everyone really likes.  Rob plays all the instruments on this rough that is being released because people like it. 

I try to forget AKA RITA Ft. Bobbie Whiteman instrumental -3:26 (Hip Hop)

This took a few tries.  This tracks wanting something badly.  Go for it.  If you don't it may never happen. It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all- right?  Some great poetry for the love of life.  Beats by Bobbie Whiteman.  

Come With Us ft. Transit Bot -2:40 (Electro- Experimental)

A revolution song for EDM lovers. The California EDM community has been difficult because they tend to not invest and support one another as much as other music genres do from Rob's experiences in California.  The drugs and self-centered focus of how the music is made often makes the collaborative process difficult for the CA artists.  However, Transitbot a transplant from Chicago, has proven to be a really outstanding contributor and kept EDM alive on this release. 

Weary Ft. Pete Feltman and Jerimiah - 3:17 (Christian Rock)

Rob found a track he liked presented by Pete.  Rob found an old sermon to mix in and blended singing of a friend to compliment the intro and exit of the song.  Pete helped rob with a great track released earlier, so this is Pete's turn to be presented more publicly. 

Everlasting AKA Glass- 2:51 (Rock)

Originally the entire album was to be a tribute to Glass Animals.  Rob said it did not really turn out that way, but hopefully they dig it.  Although written before the Dakota pipeline at Standing Rock incident became more known, this tracks a promise for the peace makers uniting to stand united for the common good.  We don't have to be like the terrorists to win.  Someone well know said something about how conscious music gets blacklisted.  If that is really true, then the only way for this music to really get out is for the public to share it and demand it.  

Take Nothing 2:26 (Alt. Rock)

Some tracks take years to finish.  This one for example started in Rob's living room....was finished with a less the perfect drum recording in a great drummers garage.  The edit to proof it for mass consumption removed some curse words and the end products a strong rough.  The songs about enemies that attacked Rob, made false accusations to get material rewards.  The songs Rob's response to bullies that try to take things away from him and a reminder that all things are connected.  He basically says- stop being a dumb ass and take this medicine. Nothing is for keeps.    

Been Around 2:28  (Experimental Folk)

Soundcloud fans really liked this one so Rob added drums and finally released it.  The track was made around the same time as White Indian.  It is about not giving up, not surrendering- making your contribution to society against all obstacles.  The emotion and sheer imperfections shared makes this a vulnerable track, but Rob makes most of the decisions about what the present by listening to and respecting fans.   

No Place Like Hell Ft. Transit Bot -2:12 ( EDM Experimental)

This one was delayed by two years before being released.  An anti-war anti-apathy love song directed to restless lost souls.  A plea to get your act together an impress us.  Rob defers to Fredrick Douglas's famous quote, "the limits of tyrants are set by the tolerance of the oppressed."   He would rather not list all the lost love's in his life, and finds it easier to just generalize by saying he finally got around to a request once made to him to "give us a song."