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Progams and Action Summaries 2018

Actions: (www.specialagenttraining.cfsites.org) needs updated with PhD articles, sponsor and submission details. Assigned to R. Jackson

EIA/ Ripstar’s Charity Focus Sponsored Website

www.ripstar.cfsites.org had 208,000 visits (16,000 per yr). This sites used for announcements and recruitment. Site needs some additional updating . Traffic has recently increased in pace by 34% (year over year 2017-2018).   

Visual Art Tour:

http://www.artmajeur.com/plumatorium had 19,198 visits since 2015 (avg.7000 yr.) with 5 online galleries with posters and original art available.  Art tour is a vehicle to increase visibility for artist that lack mass-media platforms or otherwise need representation.  Art-tour has held live installations in a variety of public settings since 2015 and sold many art pieces. Also visit Robs instagram page at ripstarsf 

To add a gallery on our site ask us how! 


Action:  Place work  galleries. Approach the founders of artmajeur.com to learn how they might help sponsor Art-tour.  Additional tour sites for installations are being developed.  Got art display opportunities for artists?  Please let us know.  Buy art direct -we ship worldwide.  

Shirts, Stickers/ Posters:

https://www.teepublic.com/user/backline Backline designs feature Rob’s art or art he owns rights to including some participating artists. We are seeking to complete the first line, shoot with models, promote to secure product placement- then order bulk printing.  This project needs a manager.  Willing to share profits, but Rob’s role is limited to creative director on this project. 

Action: locate marketing project manager.  Backline designs completed.  You-tube video plans are being developed.  Models are targeted.  This will be ready by 2018 along with live runway presentation.   

Free Education: 

www.specialagenttraining.cfsites.org revolutionary nonfiction! Site had 55,500 views since 2014 (up 10,000 view in last 8 months).

Best Foot Forward (Vocational Education) and Collected Essays (General Education) are past educational products.   

Ongoing literary works not yet released; Deviant Nationhood (Fact Collection Investigative Journalism Project using primary research results only), Ecomania (Congressional Report), Blackcloud the aftermath of HUM-IT (Screenplay), and Dose- 365 lessons of life (survival manual for teens and up).

Action: Update site with PhD articles soon.  www.specialagenttraining.cfsites.org  Could use sponsors to fuel a regular monthly release and a broader distribution plan.  Help readership base see the other products and drive more points of purchase and distribution to audiences where fans are concentrated. Mass dissemination is underway.

Music Publishing 2018:  

Albums are on bandcamp

free listening: https://ukbloke.bandcamp.com 

99 cents ea track and reasonable rates of full albums.  This is a trusted site so please buy what you can there. 

Status: The Album titled Shot by Bad Slave was censored due to title.  Long story short Rob boycotted CBS radio for two years.  His only live show was cancelled in Oakland after encountering racist owners that told him that because they percieved Rob a as a white person, he was not allowed the use the words "BAD SLAVE".  The context he was using the words was about his own experience being treated in unfair ways in a classist/ heirarchical system.  Other harse criticism was noted from outlets that previously embraced Rob's music.  For the record Rob identifies as part Sioux by adoption.  His view is that racism is established by the false conditioning that race even exists.   If you love people for being different as they are, that is the best way to combat hate and reject all superioity theory, which is a lie on its face.  The socialogical invention of race only serves to divide and is an ancient war tactic myth.  All one needs to do is reject it.  Of course that does not dismiss all the suffering caused by the people that suffer from oppresion and discimination or prejudice in its many forms, but one step forward for humanity is to use love to reject lies and work on bias within each one of us.  Refuse to be a catalyst for systems of heirarchy and you can see the hatred only serves to divide- which is a complete illusion and lie.  Love is a big part of the solution and healing.  However, Rob's work is gaining acceptance regardless the censorship.   


27 Tracks 2017 BadSlave album tiled Shot

free listening: https://flocksf.bandcamp.com 




Current Top performing Tracks updates 2017

Eyes (Contemporary-Rock)

Sometimes (Classic-Rock)

Yea (Urban Pop) not released fully yet.

I'm waiting (EDM-Rock)

Jupiter (Electronic Rock)

Street Team Captain and volunteers interested in global urban centers are following the plan to get the music out.  We use the Musicians Atlas and other resources to ID targets and first level network referrals.  The aim is to start to license songs in commercial arena.  We have a weekly spot with Mutiny Radio in SF we can refer spoke persons to with our Common Thread Collective partnership facilitated by world renown poet/activist Diamond Dave, (SF).   

2016/15 Music  releases:

Last of Analog album titled BREAK   22 tracks Aug. 2016 – May, 2017 *1,800 plays reverb only (avg. 200) plays per mo. without ongoing promo.  The general trends are indicating each music products reception is getting stronger responses over the prior projects released.   
Free Listening : www.soundcloud.com/lastofanalog 3,008 views.

www.reverbnation.com/liquidskies2014  and


RipStar's Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theheroinesf

Action needed: Print album and mass mail pending/ license efforts. $400 priority investment.

Devils Wife 25 tracks 2015 www.cdbaby.com/devilswife

Status: 1,100 plays in reverb not counting CD baby late 2015 – May 2017.  CD baby has it’s own statistics and sales records.  Transactions have been limited, but the investment has balanced.  Free Listening: www.reverbnation.com/devilswife

Additional Music releases:

30 tracks 2011  The Heroine www.cdbaby.com/theheroine (in the 100 roughs)

26 tracks  2013 http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/robertadamjackson (in the 100 roughs)

Liquid Skies 16 tracks  2014 http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/robjackson1Rob’s Avant-guard world music collaboration with renown Jazz/Chamber artists Tom and Laurie Resse (Penn.) Free Listening: www.reverbnation.com/liquidskies2014  442 plays not counting CDbaby 2014-May 2017. Update: two new tracks pending 2017.

 Rob owns about 30 other tracks from other bands as well that are in most cases professionally produced in addition to about 100 total tracks that are Rob’s demos.  The plan is to convert the best tracks into commercial products and market those to fund research, which will then be creatively fed to the various targets. 

Action needed:Locate sponsors to complete the promo run/ publishing and license bids. Locate additional producers to complete the album and locate collaborators to participate in music productions. Ten tracks still need to be completed. Raise cash to pay recording artists for their time helping to polish the best songs.Develop a partnership-marketing contract for a portion of proceeds to fund licensing/marketing.


Volunteers wanted:

Tell us how you wish to serve and propose specific program areas you want to help with and send resume to ripstarrob@gmail.com  Thanks for joining the revolution! 


For a tour of my artist studio please email: ripstarrob@gmail.com

M.C. Lenehan is an impressionist painter, poet, and songwriter.  He says, “In my artwork and in my life, I try to replace sorrow with joy, hate with love and war with peace.  It is my hope that my paintings will soften the heart of humanity”  M.C. Lenehan is an Ohio Native from the 1960’s era. His collectors reside San Francisco, New York, and Mexico. 

See press release for more artists being featured in ongoing art-tour!