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A Note from Rob Jackson:

What an amazing ride.  We have lost several artists due to suicides and drug overdoses.  Thus, we are integrating a partnership service when we detect such issues in bands we serve we refer out to specialists.  I was impacted in a way that forced me to exit the live shows in bar environments and I have been pushing for more sober enviornments and all ages events.  Thus, I am in the planning stages for a childrens art exhibit which may take place at Music City Studios in SF if the dates fit.  This opportunity is for SF-Bay Area based artists under 21.  Price ranges $5- $100 for the original artwork.  Art must be installed by the artist the day of the event.  In some cases you may ship art to us from anywhere in the world, but we can't return anything you send.  Ask in advance if you can qualify for that opportunity.  There is a one-time artist registration fee of $25 a year to be included in lists of opportunities for artists- we can waive for low income applicants just request a waiver.  This helps offest operations costs of the program.  All opportunities will be listed under Visual Art Programs page on this website so check that periodically please.  

My 100 songs project making a lot of progress.  I am satisfied with the tracks released and understand most need better treatments, but we have a cost issue to deal with. I need to hire professionals and they are giving me discounts- but it is still pretty costly to do things right.  I never professed to be a musician, but I am respected as a poet.  I have dressed up the poetry and shared songs because I feel compelled to do so.  Some people really like the work- some are very critical.  As my buddy Rainbow likes to say the magic of the music is not the technical accuracy, it is the emotion and what we have to say.  Still I am getting a lot of radio invitations lately.  The best way to fight censorship is to keep requesting the tracks be played. Buy some tracks and give them away if you can.  We really want to license a few this year for film so please refer us if you can!  All the best work has been loaded to www.flocksf.bandcamp.com  There are four albums there.  It opens first to the soundtracks we consider film background ambiance music.  The Aftermath album has some of the final roughs I had to do on my own mostly.  I did have help on Lonesome Toll (Borderline Studios) and guest a singer on Radio Wave-thnaks Amy BurkHammer-great voice.  Tom Draper offered lead guitar on a track called Dust-epic!  I sometimes re-release a track if I think it has special merit and this year I selected Jupiter because I think it is among the best produced to date thanks to M2 Productions (I'm Waiting, Sometimes, Eyes, Let it Grow, Like it Here are audience favorites).   

At present, Robbi Spencer is trying to get one placed in films.  Sunset Publishing and Progressive Records have both expressed interest in helping in some way with getting some of the best from the 100 songs generating a cash-flow so we can polish up a few more tracks.  I would really like to get the Rogers Water's Tribute song titled No Wall done and I would like to invite a great new band from Oakland (King Nexus) to assist with it musically if they have time and I can get the cash together for it.  I want to see the look on Roger's face when he hears it.  Samuel Jackson's people were silent when I replied specifically to his call for a track about police brutality that tracks titled Brutality.  I guess he did not even hear it.  KPIG radio told me to send that track, but I'm late.  I also declined to open for Muse....long story but unless I can quit my day job I can't really be prepared for stadiums. I would need 2M to safely quit the day job.  I could do so much for the world if I could be the artist I am I think.   In the meantime I work art into my spare time and frustrate myself a lot- what a challenge.  

My love for the planet is forcing me to slowly unleash my commerical products to build capital that will fund the larger programs in the planning stages now.  The book and research I am working on supports a historic lawsuit filed by a group Called My Childrens Trust.  If we need to appeal thr U.S. Supreme courts pending decision or retalitate againt nonesense- this would possible be the best research to draw upon to make the case for accountability and broad reforms in the USA.  I truely beleive we can and must be held to higher standards to preserve and improve quality of life issues for present and future generations.  All this kicking the can and self serving BS needs to go.  Greed gets us nowhere in life, neighter does ignorance.  

Now I am begining to invite the community to back me monthly in a small way $25 a month.  Please see the community Investment link.  Volunteer if you can.  Margete Mead said it best- "never doubt a small group can change the world- indeed it is the only thing that ever has".    I refuse to be a victim in one of the most destructive systems of the world- they tried killing me several times already-psychopath jerks.  Please accept my plea for Global Amnesty and my apologies for what the U.S. has done around the world that we really should not have done.

Thanks for standing with us to make the world a better place!