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Black Lives Matter & Inequity 2020

We commit to asking everyone to think and act to increase equity daily for …..8min 46 seconds in honor of recent victim George Floyd due to police brutality.  The sale of all purchases of the song “Brutality” will go to National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). 

In addition, the public is invited to send comments and specific demands and suggestions for increasing equity to us for consideration to add to this list of demands.  Last but not least, we are accepting suggestions on what, “we can do” because we find often demanding of others is only part of the solution and we can more immediately control what we can do ourselves to bring equity and justice into our lives and the lives of our community members.   

In our company, we have a policy of only contracting out to the disenfranchised and the downtrodden as part of our commitment to lifting up the most vulnerable in our society.  Thanks for your support and participation!


Demands for Justice


  • Demand appointment of an independent special prosecutor to lead the federal government’s full and impartial investigation of the murder of George Floyd


  • Demand reinstitution by the Department of Justice of consent decrees on police departments and municipal governments across this country that have demonstrated patterns of racism towards and mistreatment of people of color.


  • Demand sweeping police reform–federal legislation mandating a zero-tolerance approach in penalizing and/or prosecuting police officers who kill unarmed, non-violent, and non-resisting individuals in an arrest.


Leadership Suggestions (many were submitted to Obama years ago).


  1. Rotate police officers to prevent burnout.  No more than 2 years in the field before being rotated to desk positions and administrative work and other types of police work such as supporting detectives and report writing traffic beats so forth 
  2. Frequent mental health screenings to maintain positions
  3. Remove police complaint processes from being in-house
  4. Nationalize training and immediately retire all officers with established patterns of complaints and history of disciplinary actions taken against them
  5. Shorten tenure of Police Chiefs and place 10 year caps on durations of the posts.
  6. Intensify the risks associated with violating codes of conduct and existing rules/laws.
  7. Re-examine the existing rules and laws for managing police misconduct and make more intense consequences happen for violations.
  8. Apply the no retirement benefits rule to those caught violating significant rules/ codes of conduct.
  9. Offer more reinforcements to the training provided. 
  10. Require re-certifications of basic competencies for each position. 
  11. Provide intense screening similar to those used in hiring FBI agents and use markers for disqualifying candidates that show racism or other legal patterns that could indicate characteristics unbefitting an officer.
  12. Provide custodial processes for departments shown to have corruption and or severe problems internally obstructing justice and base funding decisions on a fair metrics of performance that does not over incentivize making arrests, but rather prevents them.
  13. Institute and fund community policing and prevention programs.
  14. Dissolve private prisons
  15. Make it illegal to allow “slave labor” to occur in prisons and require all corporations that have participated pay reprimands to past “employees”.
  16. Reinstitute education in prison.
  17. Use house arrest when possible instead of jails.
  18. Reorganize the Department of Justice so that is independent the White house and do the same for most other agencies. 
  19. Reform to reduce the reliance on Justices and Supreme Court to shape the nations Justice.  Reduce bias in eminent domain scenarios.
  20. Create strong independent branches of checks and balances for the war departments such as Central Intelligence Agency, FBI, Pentagon, Department of Defense and related funding processes beyond existing congressional processes that can also influence the behavior and direction of such agencies besides a consolidated power structure vulnerable to bias and conflicts of interest such as votes. 
  21. Reform the congress and update Robert’s rules of order. 
  22. Purge all legal codes that uphold injustice for instance very old codes that have implicit bias.
  23. Eliminate all special exemptions for Government, Corporations and for special classes of “citizens”/ that permit violations of codes such as toxic waste codes the rest of us are expected to obey.
  24. Reform the unjust tax code. Levy a flat tax to everyone to fund the government.
  25. Adjust the work week fulltime definition to 30 hours and substantially raise the minimum wage.
  26. Provide everyone a home and eliminate the land tax entirely.  Make rent of homes illegal.
  27. Make it a punishable offense to pay women or anyone less than another person in the same job classification.
  28. ?  Your ideas here!!!


What you can do:

  • Visit http://specialagenttraining.cfsites.org and read Principles of Equality then report back on systemic problems and ideas you have that can address or eliminate those problems. 
  • Buy a song or two-maybe the entire discography of Rob and our team as those resources get shared and we place creating jobs and paying artists high on the list for creating equity and getting positive messages out to the masses. http://ukbloke.bandcamp.com 
  • Serve with us!