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Historical Record for the tracks released partial selections

Rob has roughly 100 songs he produced and another dozen from friends he released.  The 2016 Album features mostly his own songs with the exception of repeat artists These Green Eyes and a song titles Weary by Pete Feltman. 

Release 2 2011 available at www.cdbaby.com/theheroine 

Release 3 2013 http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/robertadamjackson

Release 4 2014 Single release "Take Nothing" 

Release 5 2015 http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/devilswife

Release 6 2015 http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/robjackson1

Release 7 2016  Google Break by Last of Analog- Shows up in Itunes and Amazon and others sites listen free at www.reverbnation.com/lastofanalog but thanks for buying products if you can!!!

A Few lines about past tracks:

 BoySkout (indie Alternative Rock)               Song Titled: “Jesse James" Leslie and the lovely ladies of Boyskout took a ride to New York City and decided to stay!  In 2003 Boyskout met up with producer Jeff Salzman (Stephen Malkumus, The Sounds, The Killers) who recorded their debut album, School of Etiquette, which came out in 2004 on Alive/Bomp! Records. Boyskout released their second full length album Another Life in October of 2006.  Another Life was Recorded and Mixed by Donny Newenhouse and Dave Schiffman.  This is the second time BoySkout has landed on our compilation last minute.  Can’t we get the stage together and welcome BoySkout back to SF sometime soon?  I never thought I would love a BoySkout, but I do!  Visit http://www.boyskout.com/ to check out their video!

 These Green Eyes (Alternative Progressive Rock)              Song Title: “Self –Inflicted”

     “Self-Inflicted” is a bit slower than other tracks and was picked as the best track from the year 2007 after reviewing over 200 acts in their genre.  The breaking waves of their sound suggest bigger things are yet to come for that act.  In the meantime, buy their music and give them gas to get to their next stop!


Pistols Will Air  (Electronic Alternative Experimental)          Song Title: “British Girls”

     This band creates incredible layering and sophistication in their music which is explained in part by Eric M. being a mathematician and composer.  I included the act mainly because of their excellent musicianship and rarity in achieving something original.  Seeing them perform live is akin to attending a futuristic symphony.  The act is based in San Francisco and has recently added a singer. I anticipate that some of the soundtracks will catch on in Hollywood’s film industry.


Opposite of Faith (Pop/Soul/Dub/Rock)        Song Title: “When Forgiven”

     Headed by Joel Hornsby, Opposite of Faith is putting out fresh cuts that are perking up our ears.  Few self-produced tracks equally balance between showcasing a singers voice and the craftsmanship of playing several instruments.  Joel successfully mixed and mastered his own end product with such a rich and full sound that he is getting recognized as a quickly rising producer in San Francisco. 


The Heroine (Alternative Indie Rock)   Songs Titled: “Let it Be” & “Thunder”

     Rob Jackson’s project has begun to reel in some support from collaborating artists.  He is asking artists to participate in a virtual band to help him get decent roughs together to pitch the songs to better known acts willing to cover or buy the songs and further get them out.  Rob stated,  “My own contributions to music (besides promoting others) are helping me fulfill my dreams and funding my daughter Eva’s music education.  He further commented, “Music is a retreat, a place of refuge, but also a way to share and leave something positive behind for others.”  With over 50 songs and a few film soundtracks up for production there is a unique opportunity for new acts to get a crash course in promotions and instantly be tied to RipStar’s extensive network through a trade system that fairly rewards acts for simply tightening, and in some cases, reshaping the tracks. 


Kali (Electronic Alternative Experimental)                     Song Title: “Pills”

     The first single, "Pills" features a delicious interplay between an aggressive and decidedly male electric guitar, and a languid female voice, getting quite erotic as they mesh.  When asked where it all began Kali replied,I wanted to build an ensemble of players and machines which together could provide the hypnotic, powerful, and seamless transcendence of a really good DJ experience while also having the excitement and personality you get from a group of live performers.”  Kali was picked up by Geomagnetic, a local Electronica label, before his first release and he has enjoyed a really warm welcome internationally in diverse music scenes.  His own history in music demonstrates a very rare intelligence ranging from classical, jazz, rock, and more.  His recent adventures in the ever evolving hybrids of Dub-step are taking him into even wider circles of listeners.  Visit  http://www.swampsoundsystem.net/ 

 Rob collaborated with Clay to complete "What we Feel".  Robs daughter stated it was one of her favorites.  

 Steven Andrew Kacsmar (Folk/ Classic Rock)                     Song Title: “Time”

This track was selected based on its beauty.  I helped put some polishing touches in the mastering of the track to get this radio ready.  Perhaps one of the most patient artists on the planet I’ve ever served, I’m indebted to this artist and ask everyone to go comment on his track and request in your localities to help show that the “Time” has not been wasted! 

Rainbow (Folk/Rock) Song Title: “It’s Up To You” 

 This rare track by M.C. Lenehan produced in part by Sunrise Harmony in the late 90’s.  RipStar Records started by recording every track this artist produced in hopes of archiving Rainbow’s songs for later higher quality reproductions.  Rainbow is an exceptionally gifted poet and painter.  His tails of tragedy, hope, and love carry on many of the traditions he sings, paints, and writes about. 

Rob Jackson (Experimental/ Film)         Song Titles: “Piano Solo” & “The Void” Rob used the piano to transmit the excitement and improvised one of his best works to date.  In a Chloe Allen, a musician and music director for a band titled The Heroine, describes Rob’s music as “pedal-point minimalism with dramatic and emotional appeal.  Rob envisions these tracks being used as soundtracks to local theater and dance recitals.  If you make Sci-Fi films, or are involved in local film or T.V. productions ask Rob reviewing and utilizing his tracks!

Cara Vida (Cabaret Lounge/ Spoken Word)           Song Title:          “21st Century Blues”

     This artist shakes the ground using her voice to deliver an unpopular yet historical manifesto.  Cara’s track embodies an honest take on what is happening in the modern world since the industrial revolution brought materialism to new levels.  Through satire she presents people from any background a chance to appreciate and laugh at how fucked up people treat one another and the planet we live upon.  The cherry on top was her choice to use the blues in her heartfelt cries that urge listeners to consider her charges against, but also for, humanity.  The average listener may simply laugh, but immense pain and suffering are just beneath the surface.  It’s horribly terrific.

Pills Kicks Back! by Rob Jackson- RipStar Press 01/20/09

     Kali, creator of the Swamp Sound System, is bursting onto the dance music scene. Kali has earned advanced degrees in music, played with national touring acts and numerous underground notables.  More recently, Kali, the mind and musician behind the sound system and his podcast - swampsoundsystem.podomatic.com  has been gaining over 3000 downloads a month. It's clear he has found a successful niche by converting his music-making obsession into a productive entertainment channel that is now complete with subscribers and a growing on-line audience. 

      With all the free entertainment available, people are into getting as much as they can these days for free.  Kali commented, “it makes a lot of sense to give music away to the point that you have developed a presence.  Then when the time is right, with rarity tracks and collectable items that can’t be easily ripped from the Web, artists can eventually reap some rewards for their efforts“.

      In the process of embracing many genres and always re-inventing his musical vocabulary, Kali has become an unofficial gadget tester.  He is known in the local music shops as a chronic abuser of new technology – “They know I am going to be bringing it back”.  He usually finds a way to crash the latest ‘must have’ device and he returns it with a review while exchanging it for the newest and most improved gadgets hitting the shelves.  The freshness of his material attests to being on the cutting edge.

      Pills is the sexy new track off Blaud, his new Album that RipStar will be shopping in the film world next year.  The track has an obvious appeal in the dance world as well as the motion picture circuit, but be careful, this one is X rated. There is an incredible range and diversity of music to be found in Kali’s music.  

     Check out Ripstar's newest compilation featuring Kali's hot track Pills and listen to other tracks at www.cdbaby.com/theheroine