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 New Single Song Investment Program: 

Your potential investment assists artists that were selected by a music industry veterans that evaluated applicants and in each instance selected the best artists available at the time of the applicant pool deadline.  The selected artist will be featured in a series of short movies documenting the dynamic of making a song and the artists may perform in Northern California before live audiences.  The bands are subject to be featured in music magazines and promoted online via multiple websites including comingupmagazine.com and others. The band will be entitled to 50% of the profits from the sale of the song after costs are met.  RipStar- an EI program will share the rights to the song and publish it.  Investors can select the song they back for either a song slated for production of a finished song not in the marketing phase.  Contact us to learn more about the investment options.

Contact bandsthatrock@gmail.com to request more information. 


     Equilibrium Institute is developing products to  sustain activities and reinforce efforts to identify, reduce and prevent corruption by reinforcing optimal human development and encouraging mutual reliance for the advancement of life.  Please survey my biographical statement  at  http://www.specialagenttraining.cfsites.org

From the Dir. Rob Jackson

     Irresponsible human behaviors and a lack of care and awareness contributes to many social problems.  Incentives, jobs, and knowledge, provide opportunities for better decision making, which I argue are central to human advancement and optimal development.  The mounting population trends and predicted environmental challenges require intelligent responses.  In contrast, the West is reaching finite limits on non-renewable resources.  Thus, we stand at a pivot moment in human history.  Scarcity and conflict abounds, but an opportunity to increase peace through systematic reforms can be achieved if the public can be properly nurtured or convinced so that corresponding pressure is placed on the leadership which appears in need of being either better supported or better informed. 


     In some cases we can prevent damages, in others we can minimize damages.  Likewise, the application of intelligence may create opportunities and free up distribution of resources to better maintain a balance.  Often this can be achieved simply by bringing information across disciplines or arenas to apply them where needed.  For example, reportedly states possessed agents that could help cool the fuel rods in the recent tsunami Nuclear disaster in Japan, but this knowledge was not shared quickly and a disaster was not averted which potentially may have been if that report was accurate.  Another example, toxins placed on food through fertilizers and pesticides developed originally by scientists hired by Hitler now hinder healthy genetic transference in the replication process of heredity causing unwanted mutations to occur.  Consumers have some options, but many stand under-informed.  Spike is a drug killing a lot of people and it is reportedly being imported from China into the U.S. Even some of the options are not as clean as consumers like to think due to the extent soils and water supplies are being contaminated.  I also did an analysis earlier concerning Department of Corrections recidivism figures and found the US greatly behind in the ranking in contrast with other countries pointing to correctable problems in our nations efforts to rehabilitate those convicted of crimes.  I cite these points well in my book and defend my sometimes unpopular criticisms and opinions, but a long-term analysis of my work shows it has impacted many leaders positions already and will continue to impact populations the more refined and broadly distributed the work will become in the future. 


     Funding will allow several essays and shorter articles to come to light covering a range of issues.  More importantly, it will enable me to produce products like a TV public service announcements wherein I present my best questions for the leadership and intelligence communities I can access here in the U.S., which will reach many more people than print matter alone. 


     Products like shirts, Music CD’s, which I will produce in cooperation with hired artists from my community will help me reach the goal to serve several million people as a result of funding. 


     To date I have reached over a million people (200K) via web services and a million via radio announcements and TV appearances.  My academic works builds on research of scholars in diverse fields and my intention to operate one small sub-project as a collective with revised Roberts Rules of Order distributes the power of the group in an experimental way that will have measurable results.  The process may prove to strengthen democracy by protecting the fair distribution of power in elections and decision making processes.

     Funding will also help me complete music CD’s with select musicians from the community I serve.  Funding will also help me complete two art painting series, and fund the printing of books. 


    Predicted Impacts:

     The impact of the project will include observable increases in visits to my websites which currently stand at 2,000 a month, new products available for free and or at reduced costs to the public. Increased traffic will produce increased participation for ongoing community based activities I direct.  Increased public awareness, improved team building skills among participants and those benefiting from our programs and greater democratic ethics will be instilled or nurtured in those exposed to programming/ products.  I also envision a number of the projects will create jobs, support existing industries, and continue to grow into the future. 


How I accomplish Projects

     I achieve goals with help of volunteers, and my own discipline and skills to complete projects.  I have gotten sponsors to help as well in the past.  I will reach English literate audiences.  My interest and experience is influencing/ creating  policy and cultural movements in arts, education, and entertainment fields. This way I can touch the broadest community possible and encourage greater empathy and greater caring and accountability in those observers to work with me to identify reduce and prevent corruption, by reinforcing optimal human development and encouraging mutual reliance for the advancement of life.  I will use live events, press releases, to reach my audiences in addition to Radio and Public access TV stations- all of which I used successfully in the past.  

How does proposal impact funders?

     It is my hope my work will help you understand the implications of why rebuilding political, economic, and constructively influence or shape cultural identities in the U.S. could influence global trends.  Delivering greater intelligence begets a context for creating greater intelligence, which are in part, factors that motivate human behavior.  Contingency theory overall aims to explain and produce or maintain  (ECO-BIO-PSYCHO-SOCIAL) balance as a way of life.  By replacing the emphasis of modern constructs of individualism and fleeting happiness with the pursuit of harmony, a recognition for the value of relationships may decrease the odds that corruption will be permitted, or left unaddressed.


Estimate of Expenses

T-shirt backline designs line  Status- Executed, but needs newest design completed and marketing.

Shirts are being loaded to www.teerepublic.com as of July 2015. ($10 profit per sale.) 

Runway is planned for 2017. Events are running an average 100% (1:1 per dollar investment/profit) profit margin against invested funds typically under $200 per event.  We aim to increase the size of the events and therefore boost profit following our consults with the late Bill Moore, Business Economics Professor GG University, of Moore Music, over a decade ago.


Free Book/ articles         

Volunteer Editing support

E-books and free sites. 

$0 investment


CD’s  Release      

$30 registration fee (paid)

$TBA Marketing

$100 replication fees (100 units) + can also sell electronic singles .99 cents ea. unlimited. 


Painting Series 2017    

$TBA Materials

No fee showings only as of 2015
Venues get 0-50%

Estimated earning $10 annually

Earning total estimate min. after costs met = $.  100% growth of capital investment projected

In terms of the populations reached, I anticipate reaching 7 million people (a 700 percent growth rate) at the conclusion of the above efforts over a five year period. 

Overall we have doubled production and tripled income in the last quarter or 2016 in a year over year comparison.  We think 2017 will be our strongest on record in terms of sales and attendance.