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New CD Release

Genre- F***-Rock

Twitch Angry – “Self Titled”



Subject to Censor

By RipStar Press 2012


Twitch Angry proves that sticking with what you believe in has its rewards.  The bands latest Self Titled album, “Twitch Angry,” has received countless recognitions and the band recently topped ReverbNations Punk charts in the U.S. Yeah it’s extremely horrible, yet refreshing.  Musically, it’s like Mozart only punk.  Punk what- Punk Metal.  Makes no difference- what’s bad is good.  I did not hear a note out of place, disturbing. 


Music is Twitch Angry’s vice. His dedication to revolt against the 9-5 grind benefited him with mastery of nearly every instrument in his band.  However, this hook writing songwriter is best known for his drumming and catchy songs. Interestingly enough this DIY band has the longest record of touring out there.  Twitch said, “the fans make the long drive worthwhile.” 


Twitch Angry confronts and illustrates the rat race in an honest and direct way that many people appear to resonate with- especially youth.  His track “Uncle Sam” subjects listeners to contemplate the level to which our Government stoops in the blood of corruption and degradation.  Is hell on earth?   Typically, I try to steer clear of pure evil, but when I reviewed this product it became apparent this artist pierces a fact of living on this planet that should not be ignored. 


If you’re lost, and trust me –you are, this album definitely helps you understand the modern age.  The albums theme reflects Twitch Angry’s deal with the Devil and your consent is undeniably implicit.  Listen at your own risk.